Gudule est une petite fille de 8 ans
Gudule aka BG

originally Gudule in the French version
renamed BG in English

"Don't worry everyone I will protect you"

Gudule, the girl from the books that inspired Bravo Gudule, was renamed BG in the English adaptation, which was retitled Miss BG.

Big: that's exactly what this 8-year-old thinks she is! BG (sometimes stylized as Bg) is curious about everything around her and plunges head-on into adventures and escapades. She's a natural leader amongst her friends, even though she can be slightly bossy at times. She's also a bit of a tomboy, and loves to hang out with her best friends Gad and Alex in their super cool tree house.

She has a younger brother named George, they presumably share the same Dad and Mom.



  • Miss BG was titled "Bravo Gudule" in its original French incarnation of the TV series
  • It was based on a series of books with the recurring name Gudule (but not Bravo)
  • This means BG's name is actually "Gudule".
  • Kind of like "Miss CL" could be a nickname for "Miss Congratulations Lisa".

Unsourced rumors:

  • her surname is "Baxter"
  • BG is short for Big Girl
  • BG is short for "Bella Garcia"
  • BG is short for "Bella Gloria"
  • Her mother is named Charlotte
  • Her father is named Jeffrey

TVO Kids descriptionEdit



Miss BG likes to act, think and talk like a big girl. But if anyone calls her Miss Big, she will say, "There's no "i" in Miss BG!" Miss BG likes to teach her 4 year old brother George about the world and likes to hang out in a tree house iwth her friends Gad and Alex. Miss BG is an energetic girl who likes to learn by dancing, how fun!