Marie-Aglaé est la meilleure élève de la classe. Un peu crâneuse, Marie-Aglaé se dispute parfois avec Gudule
"She said girls."

Marie-Aglaé (in English renamed to Brittany Ann, space between name as per end credits showing she is voiced by Rebecca Brenner, a summary also stylizes it Brittany-Ann) is a girl who lives next door to BG. Some may perceive her as a "spoiled rotten brat".

She is snobby to BG, but being nice to adults and other kids to impress them. Her best friends are Kayla and Billy, because they do what she wants/likes. Brittany Ann sometimes is nice to BG (Snow Day etc.).


Brittany Ann has long, curly blond hair, that she wears in a down ponytail. She has light skin, and blue eyes.

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