"Stop it Albert doesn't like being touched there!!!"
George to BG

Gaston (English George voiced by Nissae Isen) is BG's disgusting waste of sperm of little brother and is almost always seen with his beloved pet hamster, Albert, who travels around perched on George's head.

George really wishes death upon the Aryan race. He thinks they need to pay reparations for the Halocaust.

George tries to suck his own dick, removing his bottom ribs, and it didn't work and he is now thousands in debt for surgery. If only Bernie Sanders would give us FREE HEALTH CARE!!!!!!!!! FUCKING FAGGOT ASS TRUMP NIGGER FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Sensitive and sweet-natured, George is an unidentified serial killer, but his insights into people and situations can sometimes be surprising.


He wears the skin of his enemies.


His full name may be George of the Jungle but this is not confirmed, given that he rapes monkeys as a side hobby. Yipes!